“I Fell Down”

Yes I did. I feough doughn.
I fell off my beloved horse…the one who loves me and would NEVER dump me in a bush and run.

As I was falling ( in SUPER slow motion) my partner said quietly
“Oh, there she goes”. His horse standing quietly by , watching.

It was very humorous cuz I could hear him perfectly! He was reading my
mind! “…awwww here I go….” Surrender time!

Mid air, I just waited for the BUMPPH of hitting the ground
(which was very soft) and I cracked up laughing inside as
my body groaned….but it was very light and even a bit fun.
So dumb! No saddle, lots of mud and deer and horses not having
been on the trail in a few weeks….what a recipe!

An adventure you don’t exactly sign up for but are fine with later…
I’ll take the badge of honor and have that good story in my back pocket no problem!

Gigi says, “Are you pouting???”
I says, with the curled lip of 5 yr old “yeeeessss”…

Cuz I fell off my horse! I never fall off horses!
I just don’t! (pout pout pout).

And as good friends will he made me laugh n laugh
at myself…it was fun and today I get
a well deserved massage.

SO, sportsfans… when singing:
you might fall off!
Don’t pout. It only hurts for a second (if that!)
At the very least let us rib you in the ribs a bit so you don’t
take your “process” so seriously, K?
Get right back into the song and earn your badges.

You’ll have plenty of them by years end…and many great
stories to tell of daring do, singing off key, forgetting lyrics,
going forward anyway! Its an adventure!

And adventures are GREAT!!
Especially when you least expect them.

Walk it off soldier!
No one can tell you’re limping
when you’re in heels anyway!


This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

i feough doughn

The Synchronous Sound of Silence

“Hello darkness my old frieeeeend….”

no no no thats Simon n Garfunkle…what was I going to say?
AH! Right…!

Recently, I’ve come to see and hear more musically!
Which for me means: more clearly…

I’m applying my skills as a musician to everything (and everyone) around me…
at last. Everything is singing, everyone a song. WAY easier for me to see and hear!

When exploring these new skills my head, like a puppy listening to music,
will sometimes tilt gently from side to side.
My eyebrows a bit screwy as I listen to what’s underneath…to what people are REALLY saying…
and I hear them!

I can relax!
I hear the song that they are, not just the words they are selling.

When listening to music, singers especially, I could always hear clearly
everything that was present or contracted out of reality.
Everything in nature as well:
easy to observe, communicate with and see clearly.

But People? I mean just in general? Way confusing…

When my Dad said the little fish I was about to poke through the eyeball to use as bait (for the really big big
fish I was sure to catch on a long ago deep sea fishing trip)
WOULD NOT FEEL A THING when I did this…I heard the lie trying to protect me. And saw CLEARLY
the exquisite level of torture I was beginning to perpetrate on the little fish.

I stopped,of course. Started crying and threw the fish overboard. (I did catch a rather large
Yellowtail later that afternoon…baited by the Captain himself!)

So my conclusions were mixed:
voices could bring rapture and bliss and relaxation and stability or
lie to your face! How could this be!?

I just couldn’t quite see people clearly.

And then one day, while singing, that fairy world of denial
just slipped away and
I could see and hear
like a new born!

Okay well…a LOT of study and meditation
probably helped! But the moment was just simple and easy…

So to everyone who is performing this next month (including ME!)
Do we really have fear and trepidation?

Or are we are simply excited to express and share and be
with each other in such a dynamic way!?

Performing is such a huge opportunity for growth
as we choose NOT to
judge any aspect of our performance
in any direction: Simply enjoying
putting in the flight hours of
practical expression for all to
See and Hear.

We CAN see and hear what is really happening.
We DO know what is important and
what is not.

As it always was.

Gratitude and Love,

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily


“Why Not Be Great?”

And Coco Channel….

Coffee’s nice…chocolate cheescake…diamonds…marigolds
all yummy.

How enjoyable can we create the experience of mastering Self?
Here is voice as template:

Today we went over the basics((Again??!!)
Looping deeper and expanding our level of control AND relaxation at higher rates of speed.

And then we went over it again, in slooowww motion just for fun!
Then we worked it and worked it and worked it and rested and grew big fat muscles!*WHEW*

And then we streeeetched and became sooo flexible, singing sexy ballads to no one in particular!

Then we sped it all up and marveled at our hyper rate of speed!


Then we performed: singing for a few hundred angels, not caring at all if we failed or succeeded.

And then…we “started” again (in a completely new place of course)..

Going over the basics, finding the newness underneath! How Cool!

And on and on and on….. ballerinas and race car drivers all.

Someone mentioned recently how amazing some of my students are
and how well they deliver a song…someone who has watched me teach for years.

I was like “Of course they are!”
I’m so used to you all succeeding…even when you don’t quite know you have.

Everyone I work with is totally amazing.
Its just a fact.

Choirs of angels all around me!
You guys SO rock!!

Now I’ll get all these emails asking “Did I miss something..some performance?”
No no no…you are all just doing better then you can imagine…right now.

No performance necessary…until (for some of you)
OCT 13th!!!

You’ll be great….cuz it just doesn’t matter: so, then, why not be great?

This is Divy Nelson
in praise of Devoted Diva’s
and Divine Dervishes…

The Singers’ Daily

“Such Desire Is An Everyday Affair”

I actually have a tremendous desire for you to sing well…because I know whats its like.
Its FANTASTIC to do it, be it, experience it…master it! Of course I’d want this
for you! 🙂

In the big picture, singing is just something to do, to play around with.
Its not that important in and of itself. Its just a form of expression.

Its poignancy can be tremendously uplifting and
your vibration can shift worlds…but thats true of many things.

Animals sing all the time. Everyone seems so surprised and almost shocked to hear dogs
or horses or whales make long, calling sounds with their eyes closed.

Celebrating the enjoyment of being alive is instinctual?

Singing out in the community, playing in clubs, singing at your friends wedding, singing in church is a blast.
It doesn’t need to lead anywhere! It is, in and of itself, totally satisfying!

When we make it a means to an end, like, to become famous
or to make an impression the “trying to prove something” energy
comes across.

And the event is much less fulfilling for the singer
(whether they know it or not).

I started performing again recently just for fun and its been…FUN!
I’m not looking for validation anymore so its easier then ever.

I want to thank the Michael Goss Band in Austin for making
it even easier to enjoy playing out…and for being SO good!
And thank you to Annie Reed for getting my butt there!
Annie is an amazing singer on many levels and I’m grateful to her!

When something is right, it will fall into your lap…with almost no effort.

Want a new relationship? Be your sexy, cool, wonderful self and just forget about it!
Wanna be a a famous singer? Play out, practice, write n record while being your cool sexy self and …
forget about it!

When you forget about what you want out of something
it delivers when you least expect it.

And stick to your craft, mastering it as best you can.
Mastering something, putting in the “10 Thousand Hours” is
a way of life and can give true fulfillment regardless of goals
or targets.

And once you have mastered anything, it gives you the means to travel the path of
mastering everything….even yourself AS life itself.

Mastering myself….Being Myself….being.
Just an everyday affair!

With True Hearts Love
and Desire for all beings to
Sing as the Stars We Are…

This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily
(well, weekly at this point)

(since 12 million BC)

“I’m Often Asked…”

Why does this seem so hard when it was easy yesterday in the car?
How long is this gonna take?
Do I sound ridiculous?
Was that “right”?

It probably sounded WONDERFUL but are you gonna believe that?

Receiving some bit of info and imbibing its truth, feeling it resonate
throughout your bones into the knowing of your being…well,
that’s pretty rare. But it can be done!

Its worth a try! Right!?

Awww go on…Give it a go…..
“Your voice is beautiful.”
(pretend I’m saying this to you personally, like, you know, right now).

“Your voice……………………..is……………beeeeutiful.”

(Okay, what’d your ‘head’ spit back at you about that?)

“Your face, when you’re singing is like an Angel!”
(How about that one in?)

“Your soul is showing and your voice seems to be weaving you
back together in a whole
new way!”

(How’d that go down?)

“When you sing that note I..I just want to CRY its so…I don’t know…..
Gorgeously YOU!” (Try THAT one on.)

My point is…(… on the top of my head?)

…no no no..MY POINT is that hearing, from someone else who is listening or watching, how
beautiful we are, never quite…lands.
If, on the off chance, it does, does it stick?

Do we integrate it into all the other information we’ve gathered about ourselves
allowing it, by its elevated nature, to UPLIFT all the other crap we’ve taken on as “true” and self-evident?
Do we take that ultra positive with us for the rest of our lives?
Do we count on it as Truth in a pinch? (“But officer, I am really beautiful and wonderful and
sing like an angel…!!”) (“Honey, I am a really beautiful vibration and I actually Love you and you do not need to yell.”)
etc etc…lol( I could make these up all DAY!)

For what its worth, no matter who you are or what
your behavior has been lately…..You voice is already beautiful.

It is not a “part”of you…
its YOU!

You are not a “part” of Oneness.
You are IT!

So when You sing, who is singing?
(What is singing?)

Whyyyyyy is this relevant?
Might this perspective get us to relax the “doing it RIGHT” fist of Technique and
sing in a more natural way? While at the same time
enjoying that we’ve got technique and can CHOOSE IT ANYTIME?

Even if we’re scared, contracted or both?

I am REALLY good at this job…I see the results everyday
and its pretty darn gratifying!
I mean, I love just singing a song, getting paid, getting applause (oh the glory)
And this, this conversation we’re having (well, I’m having, I have no idea if anyone is actually having it with me.)…

…is just a tad more fascinating.

Thanks for the comments all!
Go see Julie and Julia
if you haven’t already…it is very sweet…pun intended.

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

ciao for now
PS: comments on FACEBOOK are fine as well! and THANK YOUUUU!

Singing As Prayer

There are millions of people in hopeless situations at the moment. Of course, this may have always been true.
It is what we have been choosing for a very long time.

The real question is:
Am I consciously choosing happiness in any given moment?

A sign that things have changed is that this subject used to be regarded as
airy-fairy and way out. Now its considered common sense by most people,
that one can choose to be happy.

Unhappy people avoid singing because it reminds them of forgiveness, power,
kindness, allowance and redemption. For those few moments
they actually would be happy, or at least remember that choosing it is possible.

A major shift towards wholeness and enlightenment is understanding that happiness
is a choice. The test is when things are going really badly.

What do we usually
choose then?

What reasons and justifications have I historically put in place that dictate when I can
be happy? And how much happiness I deserve to feel? And for how long?

Sometimes singing is NOT what I feel like doing. But, for professional reasons I, of course,
do it anyway. I discovered that it healed almost all wounds.

Time, choice and prayer did the rest.

When singing is prayer Communion with all things can be perceived.
When singing is heart centered it heals the singer and anyone listening,
opening hearts and paving the way for
even more integration and the
Awareness of Oneness.

In this sense, what value does singing a song have?

Much love to you today
and everyday.

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

Sing For Life cuz Life Is Singing!

Technically, Life is vibration. The sound we hear cannot be seen!
But it coalesces into form and matter and we call it physical Life.

Our bodies are like tuning forks that vibrate and resonate along with what we think and expose them to.
Its obviously important that we choose people, environments, jobs (“songs”) that really nourish us.

The Vibration that we choose, that symphony as a thematic masterpiece, becomes our lives
and our experiences in it!

And isn’t it funny how radically our sympathetic preferences for vibration
change over time as we evolve??

I mean, what I HAD TO HEAR everyday when I was a teenager I don’t listen to much at all now.
When I do I love it! But it doesn’t excite and sustain me
(or my body) for very long. My priorities have changed.

What I really want to experience is different now…and seems to be changing daily!

As a professional singer desiring to make a substantial living I would sing whatever was put in front of me
and did quite well. But there came a point when using my amazing vibration
to sell alcohol or cigarettes or whatever I didn’t personally use myself became
a burden. The money was great! But it began to feel dishonoring of me as a vibration to vibrate along and sing
about things that didn’t matter to me…even for a great paycheck!

Crazy, I know, but there you have it!

IF you have a song you are going to sing live, one that you love, but some of the lyrics
don’t quite fit your perspective and your vibrational preferences:

And if you are singing something that is not comfortable for you
either don’t sing it or just have fun
not caring about, and not allowing your vibration to be affected by
that song.

Or is that a monumental compromise?

If I let myself get away with little compromises does that lead to
bigger and more substantial ones?

When in my life do I simply STOP
compromising my vibration?

At the very least I give myself the luxury to
never sing a song I don’t like…

But I will not sing the theme from Cats:
“Mooooon liiight. All alone inthe laaaamp liiiight…”
The melody is CRAZY and its too hard.
(It doesn’t show me off even tho I have the range!)

ANyhuuu this blog entry is a bit pithy and can be an analogy
for Life in General (if there is any such thing).

But try this:

Wherever you are, look around right now.
What you see is the result of your singing a song,
speaking words with underlying intentions that
created your current view.

Do you like what you see?
Do you want to change it?

Do you want to add something to the
Song of Your Life?

Just don’t stop singing…
since you are part and parcel
as Life itself singing SOMETHING
will be easier and less effort then resisting
this grand symphony.

Much love and energy to you this week from
The Singers’ Daily (which is weekly at this point)
check out AusitnVoiceLessons.com

This is Divy…
Ciao for now

Singing Gives Soooo Much Pleasure

Pleasure. Pleasure?

Pleasure:positive mental state arising from complex perception, writing or reading, accomplishment, recognition, service, indeed through any imaginable activity.

Well, I could give it a few more analogies…. 😉
But what I have experienced, all my life, is that…

…it is quite literally a pleasure to sing.

It is, unto itself and as an action, engrossing and fulfilling.

Why would we deny ourselves that particular pleasure?

Well….there are as many reasons as there are people.
I’ve heard SO many reasons to not do it and so many deeply held and secret desires TO do it.
(While everybody watches!) Hmmmmmmmm…very interesting.

At this point I am facilitating (making it easier) for anyone who would like that pleasure in their lives.
And that is, in itself…a pleasure.

An honor, really.
I know I’ve said that before in this blog but that sentiment lives in me so strongly.

Sooooooooo my point today would be to give yourself as much pleasure, of ALL kinds, as you can. And not to leave out SINGING for pleasure. Performing for pleasure. Getting loads of applause for pleasure. Earning money while singing for pleasure!Wearing WAY COOL outfits onstage for pleasure!

Getting all the cute guys and girls to notice you….for pleasure!
Being in the spotlight by choice…for pleasure…etc etc

Life can be a pleasure.
Just being in it can be be flowing and relaxing and wonderful…when we let it be.

Singing, daily, reminds me to take pleasure in life. No matter what!!

Take pleasure in your day today.
Just for fun!

This is the
Pleasure Addled Chanteuse,
Divy Nelson
The Singers’ Daily at

hugs n kisses

“What SECRET OPINION Do You Have About Your Voice?”

Acknowledging your voice is like acknowledging your self.
It’s your vibrational signature!

Do you like the instrument you use to speak with?
Does it sound good to you when you hear it played back on a recording?

What is your secret opinion of your voice?

What is a secret opinion you have about yourself?

What have you decided you should NEVER do with your voice?

What would you really like to do?

Speaking up and ‘showing up’, in life, are proactively similar.
Many people, after taking voice, show up more and are ‘seen’ differently.

They are risking being heard for the first time in their lives.
Not only on stage or in a classroom but everywhere!

It generally pays off in cuter dates, bigger paychecks, more sales, being able to write clearly and more social influence.
When you work the voice you magnetize the tuning fork of the body.
You then attract so much more!
The sound of your voice does it for you.

What SECRET OPINION do you have of your voice?
Let me know and I’ll help you with that as best I can.

This is Divy Nelson
The Singers’ Daily

((answer some of those questions n I’ll write back to you!))

The Entire Family

Re-educating families is part of my job. In this big city whole families, from all over the globe, arrive together on the first session if they are dropping off a child or teen. Its quite a celebration!

The technique I created (The Six Point Vocal WAV Method) is very athletic and the exercises can be loud and non-traditional.
So the entire family needs to support the student. Whether that’s Mom or Dad or one of the children.
Those are some LOUD and FUNNY noises (along with the usual, recognizable scales and songs)

Much Kindness is required….and no joking around! No answering back through the bedroom door or calling out moo-ing sounds from the backyard! You gotta work with me people!!

Nothing that isn’t totally obviously innocent support!
You can tell I am ADAMANT ABOUT THIS.

And people from ANY culture get it. And feel safe and secure because of it.
I will protect them from each other if I have to. With much glee and eye winking.

Everyone gets it.

So, I retrain families to respond with support and tremendous positivity.

I prepare the student as well.
Asking them to stand up for themselves and their voice.
Asking them to protect this vulnerable process until they feel confident.
Or at least until they can come back from dumb questions with snappy answers.
Or better yet educated answers that are about technical voice
and why they sounding the way they do at present.

The pulling apart process is awkward at first. Old speech pattern habits
coming apart at the seams can sound funny and even the
speaking voice begins its transformation.

So, in summery, today was a really great day.
I am finding my way to retrain, or just explain to them what is required for
someone in the family to really learn how to sing.

Today they were from India, Japan and Germany.
(Though I suspect the Germans have been here a few generations!!)

I love my job.

Gratitude for you and your beautiful voice.
Get it working! You may really need it!

Check out AustinVoiceLessons.com

If you read this blog regularly and get someone into my studio
I’ll send you some FREE stuff (cd’s)

This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily

Stay cool in this heat, all you Texans!