It Takes A Village

Hi Everyone,

Well we’re amping up (again) to get as much of this ‘learn to sing technique’ (The Six Point Vocal WAV Method) out to as many people as we can. For free, if thats what it takes. I seriously thought, deeply! that by now, after 35 years of refining and researching with this amazing technique, that everyone would have it! Understand it!

Be using it and I’d be out of business by now! But nope…I’m swamped.What seems to have happened is this: the classical guys n gals who pioneered “Diaphragmatic Singing” as its referred to (not a body logical term but we get it) have all passed away at this point. They did write everything down but it was long enough ago that recording/videoing what they MEANT by that term never happened. So, after 50-75 years of vocal coaches, through our university system, playing telephone and trying to verbally pass on the info, the basics have somehow been mostly lost. Everyone is winging it! There are a few popular methods out there but one, in particular, actually leads people astray! Its crazy.I re-invented diaphragmatic singing having had to be very aware of what was happening with my own voice after a serious equestrian accident. (Broke the neck and everything else. How did the doc’s miss the neck injury?). My voice kept cutting out while I was on tour and it was a mystery as to why!( X-rays showed, 25 years later, what had happened.)

Apparently the blood supply to C-5 is the same for vocal chords and that part of my neck had gotten all messed up. My chords couldn’t recover w/out that functioning properly!) I compensated by extending into my technique. I became excruciatingly aware of what was happening w/ my own voice.

Our technique really isn’t a technique at all! Its great singing in slow motion. Sounds dumb, I know but IT WORKS! Imitate great singing really slowly then speed it up for control and sustainability.
We found anyone could manage this. Anyone.

Same w/ the exercises. They imitate great singing slowly at first, then they get faster and faster, building strength, endurance, agility and control. Its super simple. It requires focus, practice and positivity……talent? Still on the hunt for that one. Cant find it ANYWHERE!

Singing is a skill, pure and simple. This notion that great singing emanates from some mysterious gift origin is understandable but incorrect. I work 6 days a week making SURE this myth gets busted and the paradigm of “Some can do this and some can’t” gets destroyed, burned, stomped on and uncreated! It doesn’t serve anyone. It’s got to go!

And, it takes a village: we have evening performance classes (now in their 28th year) and all manner of cool events planned for our clientele so they can get feedback from their communities on how they sound. After you’ve been singing w/ me for a while, you start getting SO GOOD that every time I get excited and say “Best EVERRR!!” I become suspicious! lol

Students think “Aww Divy just loves me.” or “Divy just wants me to feel good about my singing!” Or any number of things. (I’m as honest as you can take, guys. Its a tender process and I’m no Simon Cowl. You SERIOUSLY get better and better constantly! So there are SO MANY personal bests every week!)

It sometimes takes regular folks in a regular audience to reflect back a wow! And a huge round of applause can really help our progress. Plus its a blast. Friends and families are always so surprised how good y’all get. Especially when we’re with a full band and in a real club.

It takes a village full of love and support. It takes a village of friends and family and not just faculty.
It takes a village. You HAVE a village! Look around each and every day and spot your tribe….when you’re ready, include them in your process! It really helps.

Alright, this is Divy for The Singer’s Daily.
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ciao and happy Summer!
July ’14