“Its Fascinating To Hear An Authentic Voice!”

Everyone wants it to be perrrrfect before they perform.
We all want to be seen as ‘having it together’ before really
putting it all out there, right?

What if that point of view was the #1 barrier between you and success
in anything you wanted to be and do?

We are all works in progress…there is no stopping point or end of the line,ever!
Even with great success you just keep going, right?

So what if right now, exactly where you’re at with your vocal performance,
was THE MOST fascinating to watch and listen to? For US I mean, the audience!

What if your intent, your progress, your choices and your process were the “art” itself?

What if every move you make is only for…YOU?

If everything I sing, do and express is authentic and coming from exactly where I am at right
now it frees me up considerably! I take gigs I really want and don’t
worry how they turn out. Which means they usually go rather well.

I can then make vocal choices that please me, as the chooser! And, as fortunate
as I am to have ANY audience, ain’t it just your
good fortune to even get to hear me??!

So since there is absolutely no judgement (other then what you have
about your own self that then manifests ‘magically’ as other ppl’s judgement) concerning your
vocal performance…..what r u waiting for?

Its really really really fun to perform. Especially when you
un-hitch from the Wagon of Consequences!

There are no consequences (‘cept for nice ones!) for singing in public!
You can do this.

(gotta stop torturing yourself w/ American Idol though.
Its a REALITY SHOW not a real contest! Stop watching it! lol)

Ciao for now..
This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily