“Tripping Over Brilliance”

In my job I run across a lot of hidden brilliance or
magic that requires a bit of un-covering!

Once its center stage, it shines all by itself.

So many of my students are brilliant.
Brilliant people, singers and musicians
whether they know it or not.

Last night everyone was shining!

When the atmosphere is as relaxed
as I love it to be, people feel
perfectly safe to come out and be
as brilliant as they truly are.

Last night’s group performance class
was a humbling experience in that
everyone jumped ahead and achieved
whatever their goals were with such ease!

Great singing is just a metaphor for great and relaxed
living…for expressed creativity and purposeless fun!

Here’s to brilliance and
purposelessness and
music and

Here here…

Have a fantastic evening…

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily and

Got Shiny?

My youngest singer, Nicolas Merritt (check him out on Youtube)
is going to be on the George Lopez show!

This kid is ROCKIN’!

He really is an amazing drummer.
Sings wonderfully….can sing anything!


SO, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Whatever you’d like to do just DO IT!
His family is uuber supportive: that helps.

Anything you’d like to have, be, experience or do
get started today! Just do anything that has to do with
it and start moving forward even if its just research or
seeing who else is doing what you’d like to do, be or have!

I’m in the studio all week recording whatever I like!
Cuz that’s what I wanted to do this week!

That might change next week but I’m clear at
least right now.

So, will you do whatever it takes right now?

Even if that means doing nothing?
OR saying nothing?
Or asking the Universe for help and clarity?

I rode my horses all morning in the warm Texas rain.
My life does not suck.

It shines.

Seeing Elton John sing Sat night April 10th
here in Austin.

He shines.

Get Shiny!

This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily