“Its Easy”

Singing, along with lots of things worth doing well, is pretty easy.
Its all natural and good for your body. Takes bunches of energy and
a bit of coordination to master but many can do it.

I think I sang for 6 n 1/2 hours today. What a workout!
You know when you know you’ve done a really good job and NOW you deserve a bit of rest?
I feel like that now.

A Job well done and all that…

For me, expressing who we are poetically is so much closer to being who we really are.
Its so much closer to the original blueprint, energetically.

All day long we juggle our schedules, pay bills, give n get directions. Meet, greet and say
How Are YOU? And none of it means that much. I mean, its fun in its own way.

But almost every lyric is packed with the energy I really feel and am.

Its important not to get too melodramatic when you really
mean what you’re singing.

And the polarity would be: not to be mechanical or wooden and pretend you’re not
singing about what you really love!

We all see through each other totally.
Especially on stage.

No hiding there.
Thank God.

When I’m singing its such a relief to be seen through.
And to share everything I am.

This is Divy for
The Singers Daily