“Is Your Music Career Workin’ For You?”

So, you really want to perform. You’ve rehearsed, done your homework. Worked up a few tunes and are ready
for your debut. Then, suddenly, something “comes up” and you might not be able to make
the performance after all.

Be suspicious! Be very suspicious!
You Wanna get the whole Creative Universe WORKING FOR YOU
and your success! Sending double messages “out” there actually
translates into slowing down how long it takes “success” to reach you
or can even create circumstances to WORK AGAINST what you said
you wanted in your life!


You and I create our world. We create what’s in it and what’s not.
How we perceive it is another obvious way we literally experience our

IF you’ve sent this GIGANTIC NON-JUDGMENTAL MACHINE the order
to co-create a singing or music career with you and for you by taking singing lessons, hiring musicians,
making sure there’s a mic and even a few folks to listen to you and you
ALL OF A SUDDEN can’t make the date….well…

Then you’ve sent ANOTHER (and the latest) message to this exact same MACHINE (your creative Universe).
Now it is wrangling with both messages. Which one has more energy? Cuz that’s the one that’ll get the most
creative response from the Creative Universe that you employ, as YOU, to do your bidding and create everything
in your world.

A double message slows EVERYthing down and dilutes what’s served up on your platter.

IF there is ANYONE willing and able to listen to you sing, by all means,

And do not cancel…if for the simple reason of not sending double messages to your Universal Creating Machinery
who’s only job is to deliver to you what you’ve ordered.

Have a heart.
The Universe is working overtime giving us exactly what we create! Every second!
Not totally aware of what energies you’ve been hauling around with you and tainting your creations

Find out fast!!!!!

((ok…you can cancel if you are DEAD or in the hospital))

Happy St Paddy’s Day everyone!

This is Divy Nelson for
The SingersDaily