“Self Motivated Singers”

Self motivated singers, like all self motivated people, do what they love whenever they like!
They choose their career. They don’t necessarily wait to be chosen.

One of my favorite clients was being interviewed on
Fox News yesterday and this evening they ran promo’s
during American Idol.

They showed him singing, playing drums and being totally awesome.

Nicolas Merritt is 7 yrs old. Neither his amazing parents nor myself can tell
you how and why so much is happening for this musician kid.

All they’ve said is that Nicholas is totally self motivated. He tells himself
to practice. He tells his folks “I’m a rock star. That’s the way it is. I wanna play the drums.
Yeah, I’ll sing.”

Check Nico out at
(he’s the one with the Mohawk)

So obviously CLARITY COUNTS! lol

Everyone is so proud of him and very happy to be working with him!
OH yeah, he’ll be playing Sat night for a full set with his Dad on 6th St
here in Austin. Two different News crews will be shooting his 45 min set!

How cool is this? His Dad is like “I can’t even SLEEP at night
its so exciting!” and Nico is completely calm, smiling….calm.
Nicolas got his Dad to start playing again!
I guess my point here is that if you really would like to experience something or do something,
just go ahead! Don’t figure out how its all gonna come together.
Just be clear.
Live it now!

Nicolas Merritt Rocks!
He’s going to Calif next week to record.

He’s on his way.
He is a self motivated musician…
and my pal (who learned how to control
his vibrato in under 7 minutes).
I am not kidding!

This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily