“Referencing Yourself IS Having Your own Voice”

Becoming familiar with your own voice, its strengths and limitations, is quite a thing.
Stretching, strengthening and then appreciating what you’ve grown is so important.

When you reference other people’s opinions, or copy what they sing, that’s great!
Just to say you can! Just to dig through all the information you can get, cool.
Try it on.

But substituting their opinion, their voice, their Point Of View for your own
FOR WHATEVER REASON can be disastrous.

How so?

The world wants YOU. All of you. Not some resonable facsimile.
Not just the bits n pieces you approve of.

Your particular, unique vibration. ALL OF IT!
Your unique point of reference. Your window on the world.
That’s what is so valuable.
The You-ness of You!

You are an observational reporter, singing back your gathered
information into The One that we all are.
How could any of the information being gathered BY YOU
be less important then whats being
gathered by any of us?

Why do ya think there’s so many of us on the planet?
Cuz all these different points of view are NOT valuable?
Why do you think singing your song is less valuable then someone
else’s voice singing the same song?

The same exact song sung from a different POV with a different vibrational ‘take’ is

When we get this, THEN there won’t be an more wars.

Its always good to take in new information and see if it transforms you in
the direction you’d most like to go!
You can even HIRE people whose job it is to help you do just that.
But if for one second its taking you in a direction that does not grow and
enhance your particular vibrational ‘voice’ WALK OUT FAST!

No need to waste any more time, right?
Get your own voice out there! No matter what
shape you think its in….just start.

Write songs, sings songs, talk lots…share YOU.
Your voice is part of a symphony that literally
can’t be itself without you singing your song.

This is Divy Nelson
The Singers’ Daily