The New American Performer

American Idol is a bit boring to me now. All the terror has gone out of it! (YAY!!)
Still some fresh faces and voices but, when they’re good, they know it. Which is
so great for singers and students and the music industry. Not great for a TV show
that’s used to emotional pyrotechnics.

The New American Performer is much more relaxed and confident.
Maybe all of us are just being more relaxed in general. What with all
this change happening in every area of our lives relaxation is probably
the best reaction one could possible have!

I’d like to congratulate my vocal students ONCE AGAIN for performing
with grace and grit under pressure. With smiles and focus and
intention even through the tears!

When every limitation you’ve ever had comes up right into your face
and you just happen to be standing in a spot light trying to sing a song at the time,
its hard! But joyous as well as you sail through.

It FEELS terrible sometimes but there are truly no consequences.
The emotions and sometimes the body itself is screaming at you to
stop what you are doing! Alert ALERT! Danger Will Robinson!

But nothing happens. Its just a song and we are simply ploughing through
the past, contractions from other life threatening incidents being triggered
right here, right now, in the spotlight IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!

I want to congratulate my students once again for an amazing performance.
And the pro’s in the class for sticking to the techniques required to keep them healthy and

The New American Performer is brave and relaxed and continues
to show up, no matter what, with the steady intention and willingness to work it out
that charactorizes our American Spirit!

(Oh that State Of The Union Address always gets me!)
As always
This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily