“Check It Out!”

Singers’ Daily? Weeeelll…
Its the Singers’ By-Weekly if its a day.

I’m noticing I don’t write about something decidedly ‘vocal’ unless
its really authentic.

Meaning, its something I’ve recently dealt with
in my vocal studio. Or its something that’s
really “up” for one or all of my students.

Keepin’ it real, little darlin’s…as real as I can.
SO, what’s been “up” this week?

I have had so many requests, recently,
to teach really little kids to sing that
I am responding with a new vocal program.

Kids (2 to 7 years) don’t really have the attention span,
nor the desire to master anything too technical,
nor should they.

Yet, learning how to sing, or rather, duplicating,
expressing and engaging the voice
can start as early as you like! It just
takes saintly parenting to deal
with it super early. All that screaming and
experimenting can drive one
“Too Much Barney” crazy.

So, I’ve come up with a new program
and a structure for parents
to teach their own kids the basics.

Whether they themselves are any good at
it or not won’t matter. As long as the parents are willing to
show kids that they themselves are willing
to learn voice as well…
the kids will sing out with gusto.

Now, the kids will sing out anyway and early on!
(The reason for so many proud parents calling
me wondering if its too early
to start vocal training!)

But the second they notice Mom and/or Dad not ever
or refusing to sing…they get a funny message.
So the permission and duplication of the
energy of “Its OK To Sing” stays mostly at school
or daycare.

Our kids then become adults that
fill my vocal studio with a heartfelt desire
to learn to sing!

Listen, I don’t mind: You’ve all kept me vigorously
employed for 30 years!

AND: why not nip this in the bud?

Parents need to be a part of
the vocal permission process (ie…”Its OK to sing!”)
by example as much as possible.

Soon, you’ll be able to download
the programs directly from my website

(Probably Spring of 2010 @

Isn’t that great??

I think it rocks. I don’t mind being “Auntie Divy”
for The Universe. It kinda suits me now.

The whole project
is a direct response to a need that is largely unfulfilled!
I am ecstatic to fill it with 30 years of encouraging everyone
to SIMPLIFY and relax into the path to vocal mastery.

If you’d like to be apart of the test marketing
group contact me on Facebook or directly:

Oh, and the obvious by-product is
parents get super easy to learn, basic vocal technique
in a repetitive style for next to nothing!

Quite a lovely win win I think.

This is Auntie Divy for
The Singers’ Daily
(which is really
The Singers’ “When Divy has anything relevant to say or if
she Feels Like IT” BLog)

Thanks all, for your comments and support.