“I Fell Down”

Yes I did. I feough doughn.
I fell off my beloved horse…the one who loves me and would NEVER dump me in a bush and run.

As I was falling ( in SUPER slow motion) my partner said quietly
“Oh, there she goes”. His horse standing quietly by , watching.

It was very humorous cuz I could hear him perfectly! He was reading my
mind! “…awwww here I go….” Surrender time!

Mid air, I just waited for the BUMPPH of hitting the ground
(which was very soft) and I cracked up laughing inside as
my body groaned….but it was very light and even a bit fun.
So dumb! No saddle, lots of mud and deer and horses not having
been on the trail in a few weeks….what a recipe!

An adventure you don’t exactly sign up for but are fine with later…
I’ll take the badge of honor and have that good story in my back pocket no problem!

Gigi says, “Are you pouting???”
I says, with the curled lip of 5 yr old “yeeeessss”…

Cuz I fell off my horse! I never fall off horses!
I just don’t! (pout pout pout).

And as good friends will he made me laugh n laugh
at myself…it was fun and today I get
a well deserved massage.

SO, sportsfans… when singing:
you might fall off!
Don’t pout. It only hurts for a second (if that!)
At the very least let us rib you in the ribs a bit so you don’t
take your “process” so seriously, K?
Get right back into the song and earn your badges.

You’ll have plenty of them by years end…and many great
stories to tell of daring do, singing off key, forgetting lyrics,
going forward anyway! Its an adventure!

And adventures are GREAT!!
Especially when you least expect them.

Walk it off soldier!
No one can tell you’re limping
when you’re in heels anyway!


This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

i feough doughn