The Synchronous Sound of Silence

“Hello darkness my old frieeeeend….”

no no no thats Simon n Garfunkle…what was I going to say?
AH! Right…!

Recently, I’ve come to see and hear more musically!
Which for me means: more clearly…

I’m applying my skills as a musician to everything (and everyone) around me…
at last. Everything is singing, everyone a song. WAY easier for me to see and hear!

When exploring these new skills my head, like a puppy listening to music,
will sometimes tilt gently from side to side.
My eyebrows a bit screwy as I listen to what’s underneath…to what people are REALLY saying…
and I hear them!

I can relax!
I hear the song that they are, not just the words they are selling.

When listening to music, singers especially, I could always hear clearly
everything that was present or contracted out of reality.
Everything in nature as well:
easy to observe, communicate with and see clearly.

But People? I mean just in general? Way confusing…

When my Dad said the little fish I was about to poke through the eyeball to use as bait (for the really big big
fish I was sure to catch on a long ago deep sea fishing trip)
WOULD NOT FEEL A THING when I did this…I heard the lie trying to protect me. And saw CLEARLY
the exquisite level of torture I was beginning to perpetrate on the little fish.

I stopped,of course. Started crying and threw the fish overboard. (I did catch a rather large
Yellowtail later that afternoon…baited by the Captain himself!)

So my conclusions were mixed:
voices could bring rapture and bliss and relaxation and stability or
lie to your face! How could this be!?

I just couldn’t quite see people clearly.

And then one day, while singing, that fairy world of denial
just slipped away and
I could see and hear
like a new born!

Okay well…a LOT of study and meditation
probably helped! But the moment was just simple and easy…

So to everyone who is performing this next month (including ME!)
Do we really have fear and trepidation?

Or are we are simply excited to express and share and be
with each other in such a dynamic way!?

Performing is such a huge opportunity for growth
as we choose NOT to
judge any aspect of our performance
in any direction: Simply enjoying
putting in the flight hours of
practical expression for all to
See and Hear.

We CAN see and hear what is really happening.
We DO know what is important and
what is not.

As it always was.

Gratitude and Love,

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily