“Why Not Be Great?”

And Coco Channel….

Coffee’s nice…chocolate cheescake…diamonds…marigolds
all yummy.

How enjoyable can we create the experience of mastering Self?
Here is voice as template:

Today we went over the basics((Again??!!)
Looping deeper and expanding our level of control AND relaxation at higher rates of speed.

And then we went over it again, in slooowww motion just for fun!
Then we worked it and worked it and worked it and rested and grew big fat muscles!*WHEW*

And then we streeeetched and became sooo flexible, singing sexy ballads to no one in particular!

Then we sped it all up and marveled at our hyper rate of speed!


Then we performed: singing for a few hundred angels, not caring at all if we failed or succeeded.

And then…we “started” again (in a completely new place of course)..

Going over the basics, finding the newness underneath! How Cool!

And on and on and on….. ballerinas and race car drivers all.

Someone mentioned recently how amazing some of my students are
and how well they deliver a song…someone who has watched me teach for years.

I was like “Of course they are!”
I’m so used to you all succeeding…even when you don’t quite know you have.

Everyone I work with is totally amazing.
Its just a fact.

Choirs of angels all around me!
You guys SO rock!!

Now I’ll get all these emails asking “Did I miss something..some performance?”
No no no…you are all just doing better then you can imagine…right now.

No performance necessary…until (for some of you)
OCT 13th!!!

You’ll be great….cuz it just doesn’t matter: so, then, why not be great?

This is Divy Nelson
in praise of Devoted Diva’s
and Divine Dervishes…

The Singers’ Daily