“Such Desire Is An Everyday Affair”

I actually have a tremendous desire for you to sing well…because I know whats its like.
Its FANTASTIC to do it, be it, experience it…master it! Of course I’d want this
for you! 🙂

In the big picture, singing is just something to do, to play around with.
Its not that important in and of itself. Its just a form of expression.

Its poignancy can be tremendously uplifting and
your vibration can shift worlds…but thats true of many things.

Animals sing all the time. Everyone seems so surprised and almost shocked to hear dogs
or horses or whales make long, calling sounds with their eyes closed.

Celebrating the enjoyment of being alive is instinctual?

Singing out in the community, playing in clubs, singing at your friends wedding, singing in church is a blast.
It doesn’t need to lead anywhere! It is, in and of itself, totally satisfying!

When we make it a means to an end, like, to become famous
or to make an impression the “trying to prove something” energy
comes across.

And the event is much less fulfilling for the singer
(whether they know it or not).

I started performing again recently just for fun and its been…FUN!
I’m not looking for validation anymore so its easier then ever.

I want to thank the Michael Goss Band in Austin for making
it even easier to enjoy playing out…and for being SO good!
And thank you to Annie Reed for getting my butt there!
Annie is an amazing singer on many levels and I’m grateful to her!

When something is right, it will fall into your lap…with almost no effort.

Want a new relationship? Be your sexy, cool, wonderful self and just forget about it!
Wanna be a a famous singer? Play out, practice, write n record while being your cool sexy self and …
forget about it!

When you forget about what you want out of something
it delivers when you least expect it.

And stick to your craft, mastering it as best you can.
Mastering something, putting in the “10 Thousand Hours” is
a way of life and can give true fulfillment regardless of goals
or targets.

And once you have mastered anything, it gives you the means to travel the path of
mastering everything….even yourself AS life itself.

Mastering myself….Being Myself….being.
Just an everyday affair!

With True Hearts Love
and Desire for all beings to
Sing as the Stars We Are…

This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily
(well, weekly at this point)

(since 12 million BC)