Singing As Prayer

There are millions of people in hopeless situations at the moment. Of course, this may have always been true.
It is what we have been choosing for a very long time.

The real question is:
Am I consciously choosing happiness in any given moment?

A sign that things have changed is that this subject used to be regarded as
airy-fairy and way out. Now its considered common sense by most people,
that one can choose to be happy.

Unhappy people avoid singing because it reminds them of forgiveness, power,
kindness, allowance and redemption. For those few moments
they actually would be happy, or at least remember that choosing it is possible.

A major shift towards wholeness and enlightenment is understanding that happiness
is a choice. The test is when things are going really badly.

What do we usually
choose then?

What reasons and justifications have I historically put in place that dictate when I can
be happy? And how much happiness I deserve to feel? And for how long?

Sometimes singing is NOT what I feel like doing. But, for professional reasons I, of course,
do it anyway. I discovered that it healed almost all wounds.

Time, choice and prayer did the rest.

When singing is prayer Communion with all things can be perceived.
When singing is heart centered it heals the singer and anyone listening,
opening hearts and paving the way for
even more integration and the
Awareness of Oneness.

In this sense, what value does singing a song have?

Much love to you today
and everyday.

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily