Singing Gives Soooo Much Pleasure

Pleasure. Pleasure?

Pleasure:positive mental state arising from complex perception, writing or reading, accomplishment, recognition, service, indeed through any imaginable activity.

Well, I could give it a few more analogies…. 😉
But what I have experienced, all my life, is that…

…it is quite literally a pleasure to sing.

It is, unto itself and as an action, engrossing and fulfilling.

Why would we deny ourselves that particular pleasure?

Well….there are as many reasons as there are people.
I’ve heard SO many reasons to not do it and so many deeply held and secret desires TO do it.
(While everybody watches!) Hmmmmmmmm…very interesting.

At this point I am facilitating (making it easier) for anyone who would like that pleasure in their lives.
And that is, in itself…a pleasure.

An honor, really.
I know I’ve said that before in this blog but that sentiment lives in me so strongly.

Sooooooooo my point today would be to give yourself as much pleasure, of ALL kinds, as you can. And not to leave out SINGING for pleasure. Performing for pleasure. Getting loads of applause for pleasure. Earning money while singing for pleasure!Wearing WAY COOL outfits onstage for pleasure!

Getting all the cute guys and girls to notice you….for pleasure!
Being in the spotlight by choice…for pleasure…etc etc

Life can be a pleasure.
Just being in it can be be flowing and relaxing and wonderful…when we let it be.

Singing, daily, reminds me to take pleasure in life. No matter what!!

Take pleasure in your day today.
Just for fun!

This is the
Pleasure Addled Chanteuse,
Divy Nelson
The Singers’ Daily at

hugs n kisses