“I’m Often Asked…”

Why does this seem so hard when it was easy yesterday in the car?
How long is this gonna take?
Do I sound ridiculous?
Was that “right”?

It probably sounded WONDERFUL but are you gonna believe that?

Receiving some bit of info and imbibing its truth, feeling it resonate
throughout your bones into the knowing of your being…well,
that’s pretty rare. But it can be done!

Its worth a try! Right!?

Awww go on…Give it a go…..
“Your voice is beautiful.”
(pretend I’m saying this to you personally, like, you know, right now).

“Your voice……………………..is……………beeeeutiful.”

(Okay, what’d your ‘head’ spit back at you about that?)

“Your face, when you’re singing is like an Angel!”
(How about that one in?)

“Your soul is showing and your voice seems to be weaving you
back together in a whole
new way!”

(How’d that go down?)

“When you sing that note I..I just want to CRY its so…I don’t know…..
Gorgeously YOU!” (Try THAT one on.)

My point is…(… on the top of my head?)

…no no no..MY POINT is that hearing, from someone else who is listening or watching, how
beautiful we are, never quite…lands.
If, on the off chance, it does, does it stick?

Do we integrate it into all the other information we’ve gathered about ourselves
allowing it, by its elevated nature, to UPLIFT all the other crap we’ve taken on as “true” and self-evident?
Do we take that ultra positive with us for the rest of our lives?
Do we count on it as Truth in a pinch? (“But officer, I am really beautiful and wonderful and
sing like an angel…!!”) (“Honey, I am a really beautiful vibration and I actually Love you and you do not need to yell.”)
etc etc…lol( I could make these up all DAY!)

For what its worth, no matter who you are or what
your behavior has been lately…..You voice is already beautiful.

It is not a “part”of you…
its YOU!

You are not a “part” of Oneness.
You are IT!

So when You sing, who is singing?
(What is singing?)

Whyyyyyy is this relevant?
Might this perspective get us to relax the “doing it RIGHT” fist of Technique and
sing in a more natural way? While at the same time
enjoying that we’ve got technique and can CHOOSE IT ANYTIME?

Even if we’re scared, contracted or both?

I am REALLY good at this job…I see the results everyday
and its pretty darn gratifying!
I mean, I love just singing a song, getting paid, getting applause (oh the glory)
And this, this conversation we’re having (well, I’m having, I have no idea if anyone is actually having it with me.)…

…is just a tad more fascinating.

Thanks for the comments all!
Go see Julie and Julia
if you haven’t already…it is very sweet…pun intended.

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

ciao for now
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Singing As Prayer

There are millions of people in hopeless situations at the moment. Of course, this may have always been true.
It is what we have been choosing for a very long time.

The real question is:
Am I consciously choosing happiness in any given moment?

A sign that things have changed is that this subject used to be regarded as
airy-fairy and way out. Now its considered common sense by most people,
that one can choose to be happy.

Unhappy people avoid singing because it reminds them of forgiveness, power,
kindness, allowance and redemption. For those few moments
they actually would be happy, or at least remember that choosing it is possible.

A major shift towards wholeness and enlightenment is understanding that happiness
is a choice. The test is when things are going really badly.

What do we usually
choose then?

What reasons and justifications have I historically put in place that dictate when I can
be happy? And how much happiness I deserve to feel? And for how long?

Sometimes singing is NOT what I feel like doing. But, for professional reasons I, of course,
do it anyway. I discovered that it healed almost all wounds.

Time, choice and prayer did the rest.

When singing is prayer Communion with all things can be perceived.
When singing is heart centered it heals the singer and anyone listening,
opening hearts and paving the way for
even more integration and the
Awareness of Oneness.

In this sense, what value does singing a song have?

Much love to you today
and everyday.

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

Sing For Life cuz Life Is Singing!

Technically, Life is vibration. The sound we hear cannot be seen!
But it coalesces into form and matter and we call it physical Life.

Our bodies are like tuning forks that vibrate and resonate along with what we think and expose them to.
Its obviously important that we choose people, environments, jobs (“songs”) that really nourish us.

The Vibration that we choose, that symphony as a thematic masterpiece, becomes our lives
and our experiences in it!

And isn’t it funny how radically our sympathetic preferences for vibration
change over time as we evolve??

I mean, what I HAD TO HEAR everyday when I was a teenager I don’t listen to much at all now.
When I do I love it! But it doesn’t excite and sustain me
(or my body) for very long. My priorities have changed.

What I really want to experience is different now…and seems to be changing daily!

As a professional singer desiring to make a substantial living I would sing whatever was put in front of me
and did quite well. But there came a point when using my amazing vibration
to sell alcohol or cigarettes or whatever I didn’t personally use myself became
a burden. The money was great! But it began to feel dishonoring of me as a vibration to vibrate along and sing
about things that didn’t matter to me…even for a great paycheck!

Crazy, I know, but there you have it!

IF you have a song you are going to sing live, one that you love, but some of the lyrics
don’t quite fit your perspective and your vibrational preferences:

And if you are singing something that is not comfortable for you
either don’t sing it or just have fun
not caring about, and not allowing your vibration to be affected by
that song.

Or is that a monumental compromise?

If I let myself get away with little compromises does that lead to
bigger and more substantial ones?

When in my life do I simply STOP
compromising my vibration?

At the very least I give myself the luxury to
never sing a song I don’t like…

But I will not sing the theme from Cats:
“Mooooon liiight. All alone inthe laaaamp liiiight…”
The melody is CRAZY and its too hard.
(It doesn’t show me off even tho I have the range!)

ANyhuuu this blog entry is a bit pithy and can be an analogy
for Life in General (if there is any such thing).

But try this:

Wherever you are, look around right now.
What you see is the result of your singing a song,
speaking words with underlying intentions that
created your current view.

Do you like what you see?
Do you want to change it?

Do you want to add something to the
Song of Your Life?

Just don’t stop singing…
since you are part and parcel
as Life itself singing SOMETHING
will be easier and less effort then resisting
this grand symphony.

Much love and energy to you this week from
The Singers’ Daily (which is weekly at this point)
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This is Divy…
Ciao for now

Singing Gives Soooo Much Pleasure

Pleasure. Pleasure?

Pleasure:positive mental state arising from complex perception, writing or reading, accomplishment, recognition, service, indeed through any imaginable activity.

Well, I could give it a few more analogies…. 😉
But what I have experienced, all my life, is that…

…it is quite literally a pleasure to sing.

It is, unto itself and as an action, engrossing and fulfilling.

Why would we deny ourselves that particular pleasure?

Well….there are as many reasons as there are people.
I’ve heard SO many reasons to not do it and so many deeply held and secret desires TO do it.
(While everybody watches!) Hmmmmmmmm…very interesting.

At this point I am facilitating (making it easier) for anyone who would like that pleasure in their lives.
And that is, in itself…a pleasure.

An honor, really.
I know I’ve said that before in this blog but that sentiment lives in me so strongly.

Sooooooooo my point today would be to give yourself as much pleasure, of ALL kinds, as you can. And not to leave out SINGING for pleasure. Performing for pleasure. Getting loads of applause for pleasure. Earning money while singing for pleasure!Wearing WAY COOL outfits onstage for pleasure!

Getting all the cute guys and girls to notice you….for pleasure!
Being in the spotlight by choice…for pleasure…etc etc

Life can be a pleasure.
Just being in it can be be flowing and relaxing and wonderful…when we let it be.

Singing, daily, reminds me to take pleasure in life. No matter what!!

Take pleasure in your day today.
Just for fun!

This is the
Pleasure Addled Chanteuse,
Divy Nelson
The Singers’ Daily at

hugs n kisses