“What SECRET OPINION Do You Have About Your Voice?”

Acknowledging your voice is like acknowledging your self.
It’s your vibrational signature!

Do you like the instrument you use to speak with?
Does it sound good to you when you hear it played back on a recording?

What is your secret opinion of your voice?

What is a secret opinion you have about yourself?

What have you decided you should NEVER do with your voice?

What would you really like to do?

Speaking up and ‘showing up’, in life, are proactively similar.
Many people, after taking voice, show up more and are ‘seen’ differently.

They are risking being heard for the first time in their lives.
Not only on stage or in a classroom but everywhere!

It generally pays off in cuter dates, bigger paychecks, more sales, being able to write clearly and more social influence.
When you work the voice you magnetize the tuning fork of the body.
You then attract so much more!
The sound of your voice does it for you.

What SECRET OPINION do you have of your voice?
Let me know and I’ll help you with that as best I can.

This is Divy Nelson
The Singers’ Daily

((answer some of those questions n I’ll write back to you!))