The Entire Family

Re-educating families is part of my job. In this big city whole families, from all over the globe, arrive together on the first session if they are dropping off a child or teen. Its quite a celebration!

The technique I created (The Six Point Vocal WAV Method) is very athletic and the exercises can be loud and non-traditional.
So the entire family needs to support the student. Whether that’s Mom or Dad or one of the children.
Those are some LOUD and FUNNY noises (along with the usual, recognizable scales and songs)

Much Kindness is required….and no joking around! No answering back through the bedroom door or calling out moo-ing sounds from the backyard! You gotta work with me people!!

Nothing that isn’t totally obviously innocent support!
You can tell I am ADAMANT ABOUT THIS.

And people from ANY culture get it. And feel safe and secure because of it.
I will protect them from each other if I have to. With much glee and eye winking.

Everyone gets it.

So, I retrain families to respond with support and tremendous positivity.

I prepare the student as well.
Asking them to stand up for themselves and their voice.
Asking them to protect this vulnerable process until they feel confident.
Or at least until they can come back from dumb questions with snappy answers.
Or better yet educated answers that are about technical voice
and why they sounding the way they do at present.

The pulling apart process is awkward at first. Old speech pattern habits
coming apart at the seams can sound funny and even the
speaking voice begins its transformation.

So, in summery, today was a really great day.
I am finding my way to retrain, or just explain to them what is required for
someone in the family to really learn how to sing.

Today they were from India, Japan and Germany.
(Though I suspect the Germans have been here a few generations!!)

I love my job.

Gratitude for you and your beautiful voice.
Get it working! You may really need it!

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