Singing Is Natural: Learning To Sing Can Be As Well!!

If no one told you not to, you’d be singing. If you’d seen other people in your family singing, like as not, you’d be as well!


Its fun, fulfilling, sexy and performing for other people ROCKS! So…if its such a natural thing how come more people don’t feel comfortable doing it? Even in the shower?

Well (said Dr.Divy, clearing her professional throat…) I believe everyone WILL!


Its one of the most natural expressions of being alive. Birds do it, bees humm it…
even educated fleas…etc etc

If you were left to your own devices creatively and were raised around really relaxed, relatively enlightened usually positive people you’d have learned to sing easily.

People even learn under stress and duress!
They’re just not that happy when they’re off stage. Can be a problem.

Anyway, every problem I’ve ever had the honor of helping to”fix” has come down to some habitual
contraction. And once relaxed and all atrophy aside (vocally muscling up) everyone learns to sing quite well!

Now, they may have some residual vocal side effects from being vocally contracted for however many years,
but they learn to relax and get stronger and they love it.

What if you’d been instructed to sit in a straight backed chair for 35 years?
When u finally stood up what do you think you and your body might go through?

What if you’d been denying yourself swimming? What’s it like to learn later in life? What do you go through?

And if you’re a kid (or know one) and you are strong and flexible and willing to learn how long do you think
learning to sing might take you?

((I’ve had kids grasp the basics and use their new voice naturally in a matter of HOURS!))

When you relax your fist what’s left? An open palm, a helping hand, a lift up, a great handshake, a high five and a pat on the head for doing your rehearsal CD just like I asked!!


Love you all and thanks for reading
The SIngers’ Daily

This is Divy Nelson