Vocal Workshop Offering Quick Fix = Totol Bull!

Why waste your time and money? Would you go to a one day workshop about Karate and expect yourself and/or your body to retain it?
Would you give the thrill of surfing a one day chance and then judge the measure of your surfing abilities by that day?

Would you try speaking Spanish using a ONE day workshop and really expect to have it down?

NO!! So…..

Please do not go to some workshop offering the one time ‘discovery’ of your voice. Not unless you use it to kick-start a term of study that will actually last for a lifetime! Even a six week program in my vocal studio will change your vocal trajectory permanently.

If you can learn to run faster you can learn to sing.
If you can learn a language you can learn to sing, and well!

But someone offering you something impossible is just that: impossible. Or very very very very UNLIKELY, lets just put it that way. Just so I don’t sound so negative. Wouldn’t want to squelch the magic!!

I have facilitated thousands of people with their voices over a 30 year period of time.
There are only a few things to fix or relax or be aware of really!! But that awareness takes a certain amount of attention and
focus to grow. The body takes time to retrain and do what you’d like it to when its under pressure (i.e. people staring at you while they listen to you sing!)

It takes a bit of patience, some skillful coaching….and yes, you can have a great voice.

Being able to sing, with a nice vibrato, on pitch and on key, in rhythm and in front of people ONE TIME
really doesn’t mean that, from then on, you’ll be able to do it ever again.

That is one of the MAIN points of frustration for semi-professional singers or a really good amateur.
Repeating the performance!

SO, my point again is, get with a good coach. Study voice for a stretch of time. Get measurable results that you and everybody else can appreciate and have fun with it the good old fashioned way. By applying yourself.

I had a very excited note on Facebook today about something one of my students “got!” technically.
So much JOY and enthusiasm makes it all worth it!

This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily