What Does Singing “Clear”??

Singing clears the emotional self. The physical action of singing has profound effects on every body system!

You also can’t think about much else besides what your singing while you’re singing it! You become instantly centered in the present.

Its a yoga, a martial art.
Strength, agility, laser focus, flexibility, practice! confidence, relaxation, being present… its the same travel path.

But then you add people watching, judging, comparing and applauding….this bumps it up a notch.
How the hell can you prepare for this much multi-tasking?

What you really learn to do is handle, from total relaxed presence, eveything at once: allowing your voice to continue working under pressure.

Its a knack.

So , to master the voice one must be able to master it under pressure which brings us to performing.

There are SO many benefits to learning to perform I won’t list them all but just know its worth it!
Performing can give you a confidence you never thought possible. And that confidence can be applied to everything in your life.

I’m writing this today, after teaching for the last few hours, watching as my students allow themselves to begin the process of desiring to perform. That desire, if allowed, fuels the mastery process beautifully. Whatever the real motivation it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m grateful the desire is born because it makes my job so much easier!

So then, in a performance class, we’ll sing for each other. Support each other and be VERY very positive with our feedback.

And we’ll watch each other bloom with expression, with newfound confidence and relaxation expanding into vocal mastery.

Its such a blast.

Have a great today and tomorrow.
This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

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