Sentimental Notions

I get sentimental. I think about all the amazing people I’ve trained to teach and facilitate voice over the years, where they are now.
Some are having children (Yay Sarah!) some are moving, some are helping with other family matters but, most are still teaching voice.

So many people still making a decent living with almost no overhead and loving their lives, making music all day long.
THAT is a satisfying thing to know. That I built into the program all of the simple small business techniques that have always worked well here in the states.

I am obviously proud of this, and should be.
I’ve watched a lot of programs promise people a lot of things, including “you will make a living” and fail over and over.
And there’s my graduates, still functioning in a musical capacity while making a living.

Truly warms my heart!

SO, the vocal tip for the day is: MAKE SURE TO REST!
Lots of questions lately about hoarse and tired singing voices.

There is only one answer: rest.

I’ve always advised to trade talking minutes for singing ones, meaning: For every word you DON’T speak you’ll get 5 extra notes at your gig or recording session. You might become the Silent Sage when not singing but, hey! whatever it takes!

Even friends of mine who’ve had lazar surgery have had their “nodes” or vocal calluses come back after just a short time back at work. So control the problem where u have control. Make sure the first 2 songs of each set are instrumental, one other band member can sing at least one song per set, don’t show off your biggest notes in chest voice more then ONCE per night and don’t talk over the house music on the breaks!(or in the morning…no talking!) and rest, rest, rest….

These habits will ensure vocal health.
We’ll chat about changing your speaking voice to also help in this as well.

Happy, Healthy Singing!
This is Divy Nelson for
The Singers’ Daily

May 2009