Shouldn’t Singing Like A Bird Be The Pre-requisite To Teaching Voice?

Being able to sing can come naturally or you can learn how! That’s the good news. I’m in Austin, TX and there are some AMAZING vocal coaches here. Intense and professional, the folks here are from inside the music world with resumes to prove it.

Some are traditional and some not (like myself) but everyone is very sincere and doing great work.
So my question today is: who should be teaching voice and advertising that they do so?

My other question is: if you are advertising that you facilitate peoples voices shouldn’t you be able to sing really REALLY well? And understand the voice, how it works, basically?

And be able to answer vocal anatomy questions at the very least? And have an arsenal of wonderful things to vocalize so your students can learn quickly?

What I’ve noticed about vocal study is that it changes people’s lives almost always. No matter what level they’re at vocally an entire transformation begins to take place when the student begins to practice.

Almost everyone notices this and will sometimes comment, saying things like “This isn’t JUST about voice, is it.”
Posed as a question but given as a statement the student is actually asking us if we realize how profound taking voice can be!

For all the coaches I’ve known trained and met over the years the answer is “YES!” We do see how totally transforming taking voice can be for everyone concerned! Especially us or we wouldn’t continue for as long as some of us do!

The tears of joy after a first performance. The frustraion and tears of terror heading into that performance. Going past all previous limitations. Yes, we get it! We know the territory well and it can be sublime.

Its an HONOR to facilitate something that is held in such high esteem by so many cultures around the world.

Now: when people very innocently inquire about vocal study it is important to deliver what they’re looking for. Even though we know much more will be given and received! The voice is the vehicle for this growth and that’s where we put our attention and focus our expertise.

Make sure there are no hidden agendas or any other motivations for getting clients into the classroom.

Even the requirement of the coach to make a decent living can interfere with the delicacy of the process.
Simply allow those simple facts of life and don’t worry about it at all. That’s part of the job. No worry!

It is not possible to facilitate voice without being a real singer yourself.
Glamorous breakthroughs do not last.
Be wary of claims of super quick fix’s that give your voice everything without any practice or work.

I can actually have ANYONE singing quite well in about 5 minutes. But again, it doesn’t last without real, ongoing study and practice. The body requires time to integrate newfound flexibility and strength (and a million other things).
So please be wary of groups saying they are going to deliver your voice to you when they are actually just getting you excited about the POSSIBILITY of gaining your true voice!

Its just common sense, really.

By the way Skype Vocal Sessions are working GREAT! So if you’d like to take a lesson with me online email me at and we can set that up.

This is Divy for
The Singers’ Daily
May 2009