Your voice is your personal, vibrational signature. It’s YOURS, and its already BEAUTIFUL! Starting from THIS point of view jump-starts the process of mastering technical voice. Award winning vocal technique, relaxation, simple exercises, and Divy’s expert guidance can get your voice IN SHAPE and UNDER CONTROL FAST!

As a professional singer for TV, movies, and radio, (NBC, CBS, Fox Searchlight Prods, Warner Bro’s, Toyota, Dodge, Ford Motor Corp, Coors Beer Co, the Japanese and Canadian Film Boards, Colorado National Parks) a nationally recognized vocal coach and vocational trainer, (founder: Voices Unlimited School of Voice, founder: Women’s Ecstatic Choirs, extended faculty: Naropa University) and with a prestigious list of industry professionals she has facilitated back to vocal health, Divy has the experience you can trust.

Divy Nelson

Divy Nelson, creator of The 6-Point Vocal WAV Method

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“Divy cares deeply about people, especially singers. She is truly a Master Teacher in every sense of the word. My voice and my life changed the day I started singing with her. The way she brings about vocal transformation is unique and gentle. And to hear Divy sing is, in itself, transformational. The girl can sing anything!”

Sarah Townes

Austin Voice Lessons Vocal Coach
Boulder, CO

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Adult voice lessons in Austin


The first private session is a one-hour diagnostic. This is followed by a series of six ½ hour sessions. All are recorded and the CD is to be sung along with at least 4 times between sessions.You can practice in the car or at home, but make sure you are by yourself and free to be loud and experimental. Please contact us at for pricing and availability!


Make sure your kids get the most positive and professional experience their first time with a vocal coach. The memory will last and affect vocal performance for a lifetime! The emphasis is on FUN and super positive feedback. Your child’s talents will be brought forth and will be nurtured, acknowledged, and polished, for either a professional musical career or simply heightened confidence with the ability to perform and speak in front of many people. After the first hour of your child’s diagnostic session, parents pay for two or four sessions at a time. Please contact us at for pricing and availability!


The performance class meets one night per week. Using a live accompanist, mics, lights and an informal stage, students experience enthusiastic support and expert critique from Divy and everyone participating! The atmosphere is fun, safe and open for full expression and experimentation. Students have been known to stay in these classes for up to 10 years! So watch out… the fun is addictive!

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